JD Souther


JD Souther

John David Souther

If you ask John David where he's from, he may say without hesitation; "I'm from Amarillo." But depending on who's asking, he may shrug and say: "I'm from everywhere, I guess." He would be mostly right either way.

He was born in Detroit when his father, John Souther, was crooning in front of the big bands of his day, under a stage name, Johnny Warren. His mother hated the fact that "Johnny Warren" wasn't home and so, the singing father stepped halfway out of road life by going to work for MCA as an agent: fascinating for a curious five year old John David, who met The Three Sounds, The Mills Brothers, other jazz greats, and the legendary Victor Borge, who once acted as babysitter for the lucky son.

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Expanded Editions Available to Stream

Expanded Edition Reissues of JD Souther’s first and second solo albums, John David Souther and Black Rose, plus only ’80s album, Home By Dawn, are now available digitally for download and streaming.

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